Innovations for a learning society

"The future we want needs to be invented; otherwise we will get one we don't want."
Joseph Beuys

Our world is becoming increasingly interlinked and is getting more and more complex. Climate change, resource scarcity, political conflicts and cultural differences present us with challenges that can no longer be mastered using existing models of thinking and doing. nextlearning stands for meeting the challenges of the 21st century, engaging in dialogue and designing a possible future through the testing of different possibilities. In order to help new ideas to become a reality, we create and support formats that enable innovation in the following areas:

• Sustainable Development
• Participatory Governance
• Cultural Change
• Education Innovation
• Economic Transition

We describe our work as Creative Transformation & Learning, which support and assist organizations and individuals in processes of change. Our capabilities include the design of workshops and events, including moderation, visualization and knowledge processing, as well as the development of projects and the establishing of networks.

nextlearning was founded in 2011 by Susanne Stövhase, Caroline Paulick-Thiel and Claudia Dikmans. We have since expanded our team and now also work with artists, designers, social entrepreneurs and scientists. Through our projects, we wish to promote the integration of creative resources in societal learning processes. We are committed to a sustainable transformation that is interdisciplinary and collective – developed and implemented at the intersection of business, government and civil society.