• 1.12.2015, Presentation "Politics for Tomorrow", Brown Bag Lunch at Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Berlin

• 21.11.2015, „Inspiration Sprint - Responsible Consumption“, Prosumetime input for developing the curriculum of the future aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, Education Innovation Lab, Berlin

• 11.11.2015, Presentation "Politics for Tomorrow", Division for Citizen Dialogue, Ministry for Economy and Energy, Berlin

• 19.10.2015, Annual conference of the German "Normenkontrollrat", Moderation of session „Which kind of law can citizens and companies expect from politics?“ with Minister Dr. Helge Braun, Chancellery, Berlin

• 21.10.2015, Transdisciplinary Approaches for the Energy Transition, Moderation Forschungswende Workshop „Forschungsforum Energiewende – Lessons learned“, Schader-Stiftung, Darmstadt

• 28.10.2015, 4. NRW-Nachhaltigkeitstagung „Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie NRW - gemeinsam auf der Zielgeraden“, Präsentation im Rahmen des Fachforums „Fortschritt NRW – Forschung für nachhaltige Entwicklung“, Landtag NRW, Düsseldorf

• 15th & 16th October 2015, two-day conference "P°litics f°r T°m°rr°w - Innovative Approaches in Policy Making", Exrotaprint, Berlin

• March till July 2015, Prosumetime Sustainability Consulting for UNESCO World Heritage Committee and Young Experts Forum 2015, World Conference Centre Bonn, Germany

• 15.9.2015, Registration deadline:
"P°litcs f°r T°m°rr°w - Innovative Approaches in Policy Making", Event for 70 excited people working in politics, administration, foundations, education, municipalities and civic society organizations

• 20.7.2015, Workshop „Citizen Science and Legislation“, Museum for Natural Science, Berlin