Educational Innovation

Exploring the future of learning.

The design of a sustainable society requires a new understanding of education and a new approach to knowledge and learning. nextlearning is involved in the development of new perspectives for the transformation of our educational systems.

Economic Transition

Working for life quality.

The last decades have been marked by unprecedented economic growth, resource consumption and waste. nextlearning supports the development of an economy that is possible and sensible, fair and accessible to all, within ecological limits.

Cultural Change

Advocating for cultural diversity and expression.

Cultural differences, phobia of the unknown and of incomprehensible perspectives, can lead to significant conflicts. nextlearning advocates for cultural interaction that is respectful, dialogical and multifaceted.

Sustainable Development

Shaping the Anthropocene responsibly.

For the first time in the history of our planet, human activity has a irreversible impact on the ecosphere of the Earth. nextlearning is committed to the development of sustainable action models.

Participatory Policymaking

Improving democracy together.

New challenges require new solutions. nextlearning is committed to innovative formats of governance, in which different actors interact creatively and collaboratively.