Music for Unstageable Theatre

Music piece, chamber performance, audio installation

The artists behind the German-Egyptian project "Music for Unperformable Theatre" are developing a format somewhere between an intimate chamber performance and a concert.

Cultural Resources for Human Development


The focus of the workshop was on on transforming societies towards diversity, sustainability, inclusion and creativity.

Cultural Diversity 2030

Strategic U40 Global Network Meeting

U40 is an active civil society player among the stakeholders of the 2005 UNESCO Convention and provides impetus for its implementation.


Network on Cultural Policies and Cooperation for Cultural Change

In the framework of its programme CONNEXXIONS and its international U40 Network, the German Commission for UNESCO offered a platform to create a self-organised regional network on cultural policies and cooperation for cultural change.

Culture, Human Development, Dialogue


The aim of the CONNEXXIONS U40 workshop was to strengthen the professional capacity of young experts in the field of culture and development.