Sustainable Packaging Management

Packaging alternatives throughout the supply chain: from Producer to Consumer

Unverpackt einkaufen! supports retailers and their customers with Precycling

Your city is our garden

Zellen Festival - Life Science Urban Farming

For the Zellen Festival at the Hebbel am Ufer theater in Berlin, the mobile beds of Berlin's urban gardening project Prinzessinnengärten were moved into the theater.


Experience-based learning for a more sustainable city of the future

The educational partnership “UniGrowCity” is a project initiated by six organizations from six different countries (Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, UK).

The Whole Institution Approach

Education for Sustainable development in an institutional context

During the final German conference of the UN Decade "Education for Sustainable Development" nextlearning conceived a workshop in cooperation with Reiner Mathar on "The Whole Institution Approach - key elements of the design of the global initiativ


Employee commitment to renewable energy in companies

This project investigates how individual's commitment to the energy transition can be utilized in corporate contexts (through different initiatives), and what barriers stand in the way employee engagement at the corporate level.

Sustainable Conference Organization

UN Decade "Education for Sustainable Development"

The organizers of the final German conference for the UN Decade "Education for Sustainable Development" decided to implement a practical approach.


Sustainability at Work

Prosumetime stands for the "time for changing existing production and consumption patterns". With simple steps and an eagerness to experiment, we support organizations on the way to sustainable office habits.