Growth, Prosperity, Quality of Life

Post-Inquiry Workshop

From 2010 to 2013, a commission of inquiry addressed the topic of "growth, prosperity, quality of life". It was intended to "advance the programmatic discussion on the concept of prosperity and its perspectives.

Chances of Bioeconomy

In the area of conflict between food first, growth and transformation

"The transformation of society in an age without oil and fossil fuels is more than a mere matter of the industry changing its carbon material suppliers. Nature and the environment, food and land management are equally affected.

Management Instruments in Bioeconomy

Association Workshop

Bioeconomy is defined as the sum of all industrial and economic sectors that use biological resources such as plants, animals and microorganisms.

Changemaking at Work

Promoting cultural change within your business

During the Vision Summit 2013 and the Young Leaders for Sustainability Forum, recommendations for intrapreneurs regarding sustainable business were developed based on real challenges.

Green / Post / Growth

Different approaches to tackling unemployment in Europe

The Trialogue on "Different economic approaches in conversation" was initiated by the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform.