Innovative Approaches in Policy Making

The first Politics for Tomorrow Lab in Berlin

The coexistence of people in a complex and globalized world also requires fundamentally new approaches to policy-making.

Sustainability Policies for Universities

Green Meetings as a model of action

The Green Meetings seminars aimed to provide an overview of the discourse on sustainability in international and European contexts.

Forschungswende - Transition in Research

Civil society platform

Dealing with grand challenges such as the fight against hunger and poverty, climate change and resource scarcity is decisively influenced by the kinds of technologies we use.

Societal Change

Socio-technical changes within planetary boundaries

he transformation of societies and their related systems, such as infrastructures, technologies and communications channels, is of increasing importance.

Creative Resources

Rapid prototyping in project development

Creative processes are essential for formulating questions on social issues, especially when it to developing new models and reflecting.